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2019  Election Cycle

             This NE Florida election research site is intended for the voter that does not have the time, the inclination or the resources to research the viable candidates that qualify for the next election. This site compares the candidates running in each seat in my side by side "at a glance" assessment strategy. The assessment is determined from the candidate?s views on selected issues. The candidate's views are extracted from his campaign website, public statements found in an internet search of each issue and directly attributed to the candidate, and the candidate's voting record concerning each issue, where available. A credible candidate will be true to his views in his website, in his public statements and in his voting record.

             The research team reminds the user of this website that the "ideal candidate" for one elector won?t fit the profile of the ?ideal candidate? for the next elector; it doesn't matter whether the electors are conservative or liberal. This website reflects the candidate assessment from a conservative's perspective yet can assist the liberal elector in choosing his best candidate in the race.

 My sentiments exactly:  The Myth of the Perfect Candidate.

The Candidate Research tab presents two columns:

Candidate Assessment - my side by side "at a glance" assessment of the principle candidates candidates in a  race. The assessment key is found at the bottom of the Candidate Assessment page.

Candidate Research - sufficient research is performed to make a determination of the   candidate?s view on an issue. Each statement is followed by a link to the web item that provided the extract and the date it was extracted. The research is headed by a table of  contents with links to the document page number. 

The Voter Guide tab provides the voter with the publisher?s recommendations for the most conservative candidates that will be productive according to his research.

The Blog tab contains my posts on the next election and occasionally a guest blogger's submission.

The Recommended Reading tab contains links to other internet posts I find pertinent and interesting.

For the children.

Constitutional Correctness Trumps Political Correctness - John Sauer


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